Gay & Lesbians travellers in Cairns

gay travellers

Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef region is a gay and lesbian friendly holiday location. The laid back tropical lifestyle of the locals brings with it big tropical smiles and warm welcomes. There is a large gay population in the region with many escaping the larger cities in Australia to enjoy the benefits of living in the paradise that is Gay Cairns. Like anywhere else in the world there are laws which gay travellers should make themselves familiar with. The legal age for homosexual consent differs from state to state in Australia and also differs on the sexual act in question. In Cairns which is in Queensland, the homosexual age of consent is 18 years of age (all anal sex). Male and female anal sex is treated differently to heterosexual sex in Queensland.

As long as you are discreet – holding hands is fine, 'French' kissing your boyfriend on the front row of a bus  full of pensioners might get you a few odd looks, as it would anywhere – you shouldn’t experience discrimination in the Cairns city region. The luxury resorts and hotels in the region are more than welcoming to gay travellers. 

However, more remote areas of the outback region like the Cape York region can be a little homophobic, particularly in the mining towns and in some Aboriginal communities, however there have been no recent  reports of such events. Discretion is recommended in these areas. When booking accommodation in the name of a same sex couple, you may need to emphasise the need for a double bed rather than two singles, unless of course you don't mind sharing a single and sleeping close!

For more information on Gay and Lesbian community services in the Cairns region - including health services and social groups visit Cairns Gay Info